How can I pay?

1. Using Cash Flow – Our trusted secure payment service
If you select to pay using our trusted partner, you will be transferred to a secure server to enter your credit/debit card details. Alternatively you may wish to pay by Paypal

2. Cheque
Please make your cheque payable to The Rugs Collection Ltd, and post to:- The Rugs Collection Ltd, 52 Vanguard Way, Shoeburyness, Essex SS3 0ND

3. Telephone Order
If you would prefer to speak to one of our sales advisors, payment can be taken over the phone on 01702 292510

Can I return my purchase?

If you wish to return your purchase, please inform us within 48 hours of delivery. Once we confirm acceptance of your return, you must securely package your purchase and return it within 7 working days. Upon receipt and satisfactory inspection of the rug we will issue a refund. Return of rugs within the UK mainland is always free

In the unlikely event that a rug is delivered damaged or faulty, we will happily exchange or refund your purchase. If on arrival the packaging is damaged, please ensure that it is marked on the courier’s delivery note, as we are unable to pursue any claims against them if the delivery was marked received in good condition.

Once notified of damages or faults we will arrange for our courier to collect your purchase and a replacement or full refund will be issued once the rug has been received and inspected.

Custom made products will be non-returnable and cannot be cancelled once the order has been placed on our website. Please ensure that the measurements are correct and note the estimated delivery time shown on the site to allow for production.

Shedding is a natural characteristic of a deep pile rug and is not deemed to be a fault. This is common on Acrylic and Wool rugs and should be taken into consideration when choosing a product suitable rug for your home.

Note: Whilst every effort is made to accurately reproduce images of our products, different monitor settings can have an effect on the appearance of colours. We will accept refunds on incorrect colour shades, but they will not be deemed to be faulty.

Do you supply other sizes?

Yes, please contact us with your requirments to arrange a quote and delivery time

What is our Privacy and security policy?

In this fraudulent day and age the security and privacy of our customers details are of the utmost importance to us. Our online payments are processed by Sage pay, which provide a highly secure payment service for all major credit and debit cards. The Sage pay encrypted service ensures that no one, including us can ever see your card details.

All other details you supply will only be used to complete your order and will only be used by us. None of your personal details will ever be passed on to any other individual or company. Your address will need to be passed on to our professional couriers who will use it for delivery purposes only.

Please contact us if you ever wish to view the details we hold about you on our order database.

I can’t order online, what should I do?

If you are having problems with our shopping cart you can ring us on our telephone number and we will enter the order into our system for you.

If you prefer you can send us an email and ask us to ring you.

If you have a few spare minutes it is worth checking if this has been caused by problems with JavaScript, Java or cookies as you may get problems with others sites in the future causing you more inconvenience.

Are the sizes in inches or centimeter’s?

All sizes are given in both measurements for your convenience

Is vat included?

Yes, all prices include vat at the going rate where applicable.

How much is delivery?

British Mainland deliveries are Free of Charge but we have to charge for all offshore addresses including the Isle of Man & the Isle of Wight among others. If in doubt please give us a ring. See also Delivery & Shipping Information above.

Are there any extra charges?

No, if you live on the British mainland then the prices you see are the prices you pay in total.

Do you supply samples or brochures?

Sorry we cannot supply samples for our rug ranges. The only exceptions are for our custom made carpets and runners. We don’t supply brochures.

How accurate are the colours?

Our photographs are as accurate as possible but please be aware there may be slight variations caused by computer screen resolutions and flash photography.

Do you supply outside the UK?

Yes, please email us for a quotation. We will need your full name and address to be able to provide a quotation so please include this in your email.

I have ordered online but have not received a confirmation of my order?

If a valid email address is entered on the order form a confirmation of order is generated automatically. If the email address is incorrect or not entered at all a copy will then be posted out instead or will be sent with the dispatched item.

Can I specify a different delivery address to the billing address that is registered with my card?

We will deliver to an alternative delivery address if specified, however this may slightly delay your order while we undertake additional security measures for the prevention of fraud. If this inconveniences any customers in any way we do apologise; we must however stress that this is deemed necessary in order to protect the privacy and security of our customers and products.

We reserve the right to refuse any order we suspect to be fraudulent or suspicious in any way.

Why do I keep getting your answer machine?

Our lines are very busy at certain times of the day and we apologise if you have trouble getting through.

What times can I speak to someone?

The lines are open 9.am – 5pm Mon-Sat. If you wish to talk to someone outside these hours please send us an email and we will arrange to ring you at a mutually convenient time including evenings and weekends if this is easier for you.

What is the best way to contact you?

Emails are always preferable wherever possible but you can also contact us by telephone.

What does hand tufted mean?

Hand tufted rugs are made using a hand held gun that shoots wool into a canvas stretched on a frame to create the design and/or textures. The pattern is filled in with the different wool colours and once the rug is fully piled it is removed from the frame for completion.

What does hand knotted mean?

This production method involves each tuft of the rug being knotted by hand to the cotton warp of the rug. Hand knotted rugs are the most time taking method of manufacture and therefore the most expensive. They are normally produced from wool, silk and have a cotton warp and weft.

What does hand loomed mean?

This method of making hand made rugs relies on the use of a large loom that is powered by the hands and feet of the operator. The method involves a manually operated loom and consists of a device that allows the insertion and extraction of rods that locate rows of knots and also determines the height and cut of the pile. This sysytem allows only a limited type of pattern, such as simple striped designs, but is also an effecient way of production offering distinct cost advantages.

How do I care for my rug?


We recommend that you vacuum or sweep your rug regularly to keep it clean and to prevent the pile of the rug from flattening from being walked on. If you have purchased a shaggy rug we would recommend that you shake the rug or vacuum it using a nozzle attachment due to the longer pile of these rugs. If you have a powerful vacuum cleaner with strong suction we recommend that you do not use it on full power on wool and shaggy rugs as it may loosen the yarn. Most light dirty marks can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Do not machine wash or dry clean your rug (unless the label on the back of the rug instructs that you can do so).


You should clean spills immediately. NEVER rub a spill. Blot liquids with a dry absorbent cloth or white paper towel. Some stains may be cleaned with a very mild clear detergent and lukewarm water or a good carpet shampoo. Avoid excessive moisture or wetting when cleaning the stain. Dry the rug on a flat surface.

If a stain cannot be removed you should seek specialist cleaning advice. Avoid harsh chemicals as they may damage the rug. Do not machine wash or dry clean your rug (unless the label on the back of the rug instructs that you can do so).


It is completely normal for wool rugs to shed fluff from their pile this is a natural characteristic. The shedding is usually most noticeable in the first few months as loosefibres come off the rug from the manufacturing process. You will find that the pile shedding should gradually lessen over time, but there will always be some shedding throughout the life of the rug. Shedding does not affect the life of the rug; if properly maintain these rugs will last for many years. If you find that your rug is shedding we advise that you use a low setting on your vacuum cleaner rather than full power. Using a stiff brush such as a pet brush on the rug is a good way of removing the excess fluff and maintaining the rug.

SPROUTING (Long Threads)

Wool rugs are also prone to what is known in the rug industry as sprouting or pilling. This is where some strands/threads of wool fibre will appear that are longer than the rest of the pile. When this happens all you need to do it trim any longer strands with a pair of sharp scissors. It is important that you do not try to pull these long threads as this can damage the rug.


Due to their construction some of our rugs may initially not lie completely flat, but after some time they will settle and flatten out – extra weight on the rugs will speed this up. During the first few weeks some may also shed loose yarn, this is perfectly normal and will settle down. All rugs can be vacuumed cleaned from first use.